Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coolest concept stores to date

Concept retail stores are opening up by the dozens of zillions around the world.
Whether specialist boutiques or corporate flagships, stepping into an ultra invested and done with great care space is a more personal experience, and even much more so when there's a new service involved,
or an additional artistic impression.

Here is a list of ten of the most cutting edge unique stores around the world
that consists of that evasive 'Extra' ingredient ;)

Armani 5th Avenue, NYC
If Escher Dali and Gaudi had a baby, this would be it :b

it would seem that regardless to how much (or little) interest you might take in fashion,
this architectural masterpiece is a must see.

Via Garibaldi 12, Genova
This is an urban delicacy.
classic meets modern in a refined fashion,
with great sensitivity to the finest of details.

Strange Fruit, Berlin
With a modern, experimental oeuvre bereft of ubiquitous trendiness,
Strange Fruit is the visionary Berlin chic

PUMA City by LOT-EK, harbors around the world
24 containers are retrofitted and transformed into Puma City.
The 24 containers are put together to create a 3 story store with over 11,000 sqf. Puma City is a transportable retail and event building that is traveling around the world along with the 70-long Puma sailing boat.

Umbra concept store, Toronto
Umbra's flagship store in downtown Toronto has one of the most curious and inviting exteriors, and from the inside it only gets better.

Heineken the city, Amsterdam
This ultramodern concept store is consists special products and services divided in themes like music, fashion, events and off course beer. it is full of the latest technologies like speaking mirrors, 3D TV screens, an ice wall and many more nifty shenanigans.

H&M concept store, Barcelona
1,720 square meters of redesigned modernism by Estudio Mariscal.

O2 concept store@ The O2 Arena, London.
A super interactive space.
inflatable walls with glowing LED's cover the O2 store from inside,
and react to visitor's movement and touch. there are also four experience tables -
Photos, Video, Music & Games.

Haier concept store Kuala Lumpur
a clean themed appliance heaven.

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